America as a Post-Christian Nation

Their loss can be our gain, if enough of us survive the attempt by some in our ranks to secularize the rest of us.

Recent polls confirm the increasing secularization of our people, especially the young. A poll by the Pew Foundation shows that the number of Americans describing themselves as Christian has declined by about 10% between 2007-2014. Meanwhile, those professing no religion grew by 50% in that same time frame. Fewer than 6 in 10 millennials (ages 18-33) affiliate with any branch of Christianity. A recent survey by the Public Religion Research Institute shows that 66% of those age 65 and over believe being Christian is an important part of being American, while only 35% of those ages18-29 agree. These numbers are changing remarkably quickly as Americans are seemingly losing their faith and becoming more like secular Europeans.

David Davenport, “Elites And Courts Push America Into A Post-Christian Era”, 29 Jul. 2015, Forbes, 3 Sep. 2015 < >

More discussion here at the 0:31:00 minute mark at this link.


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